Brandon Bioscience discovers and develops beneficial marine biostimulants for improving plant traits thereby increasing crop yields.

We are an R&D focussed company skilled in the art and science of developing novel marine biostimulants that resolve specific agronomic problems. Brandon is focused on the following solution platforms; abiotic stress tolerance, crop yield maximisation and nutrient use efficiency.

Bridging the Yield Gap

We help farmers bridge the performance gap that exists between potential and actual yield through the development of next generation biostimulants that are smarter, more efficient and bioactive. Utilising the latest molecular tools and strategies, including DNA sequencing we monitor plant-biostimulant interaction under normal and adverse growth conditions to deliver next generation performance. Put simply, we have developed a technology akin to biological software that upgrades a plant’s natural responses to specific climatic/growth challenges.

Plant Signal Induction (PSI) – Transforming Marine Bioactives into Agronomic Solutions

With PSI, we have all the competencies to deliver grower-led agronomic solutions that are proven by science.

Novel Marine


Deep raw material knowledge base governing quality and performance.


Extraction Process

Targeted production: optimisation and control of bioactives.

'See The Difference'

Extract Profiling

Proprietary bioactive assays assuring higher efficacy and consistency.

'See The Difference'

Lab Performance

High-throughput screening to understand mode of action and support specific claims.

'See The Difference'

Field Performance

Performance validation from lab to field.

Meeting growers needs under real world conditions.

Sustainable Solutions that are Proven by Science

Our ambition is to push the bounds of agricultural innovation with sustainable solutions that increase the productivity of programs beyond what conventional inputs allow. To that end, we are committed to reinvestment in research and new product development, investing 10% of revenue year on year.

Collaborating with industry, research and universities we have established a world-class R&D portfolio that is built on delivering differentiated solutions that meet your growing needs.

A Consultative Approach to Higher Yields

Farming is complex and full of challenges. Supporting progressive growers striving to bridge the gap between current yields and potential yield is our business. We work with agronomists and our PSI trained distributors to design innovative solutions based on your needs, your goals and our know-how. From determining a cost-benefit analysis to product selection and usage guidance, we will help you ‘See the Difference’ our science-based solutions have on your bottom line.

Innovation Yields Success

At Brandon Bioscience, we work hard to ensure that our innovations and products meet global needs. Winning funding and recognition for our research & innovation programs from the highly competitive EU R&D budget is a reassuring validation of both the direction and quality of our “Proven by Science” approach.

Some of our awards include:

EU Horizon 2020 Research Award Winner (2014)

One of only 155 companies across the EU to receive first round funding out of 2,583 competing bids for our Sea-More-Yield research project.

EU FP7 Research Award Winner (2012)

Ranked 7th out of 720 competing bids the EU for our Natucrop research project.

‘Champion of EU Research’ Award Winner (2012)

Special award from the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins in recognition of our high-scoring EU FP7 project, Natucrop.

Finalist of the 2011 Best Indigenous Exporter Award

Limerick Chamber of Commerce.

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