Everything we do is focused on delivering solutions that perform where it matters most – in the field.

Our ‘See the Difference’ philosophy is embodied in a research and development programme that looks to understand not just how plants work, but how we can use that understanding to develop technically superior solutions that push the boundaries of crop yield potential.

Bridging the yield gap that exists between potential yield and actual yield is the focus of our business. Our products are designed to redefine top-end yield potential by reducing risk, increasing yield and maximising your return on investment.

From faster emergence, stronger root growth, enhanced vigour, increased flowering to increased yield, Brandon Bioscience enable you to get more from every plant, every hectare, every season.

See the Difference Strawberry


More strawberries per acre for Californian grower


A grower in Ventura, California experienced + 500 trays/Ha over his standard practice using a season long Brandon program.

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See the DifferencePotato


Potato performance
you can rely on


University College Cork field trials confirm +18% yield increase over 4 years on Cork and Waterford farms.

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See the Difference Tomato


Increased ROI (18:1) on Brazilian industrial tomato farms

A 290 Ha trial across 13 separate farms on 3 different tomato varieties generated +15% yield increase delivering an impressive return on investment.

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Fits With Your Existing Program

Brandon’s products have excellent tank mix compatibility and can be applied as a seed treatment, in furrow, foliar spray or with irrigation. They can be applied throughout the season in combination with your current spray program for maximum field time productivity.

Unrivalled Technical Support

As a leader in plant health and nutrition, we strive to provide the highest-quality assistance to our customers by providing a reliable portfolio of products backed by science, technical advice and support to ensure you get the most out of every spray.

We recognise that having the right people with the skills and knowledge in the right places to deliver smart, efficient solutions hold the keys to bringing current and new technologies to market.

Therefore our distributor selection process is discerning and inclined towards applicants that engage with their growers to understand their local challenges in order to offer the optimum combination of product and agronomy that will maximise your gross margin (yield and quality).

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