Brandon Bioscience – About Us

Brandon Bioscience is focussed on creating crop solutions derived from the marine algae Ascophyllum nodosum. Utilising our PSI Technology we have developed a suite of products used by 000’s of growers in more than 36 countries to improve yield & quality of crops.

Powered by Nature - Brandon Bioscience

Powered By Nature

We harness the properties of Ascophyllum nodosum, an intertidal seaweed with distinctive characteristics.
Proven by Science - Brandon Bioscience

Proven By Science

Our PSI technology transforms marine bioactives into agronomic solutions by relating their performance in the lab to where it matters most – in the field.
Performs in the Field - Brandon Bioscience

Performs In The Field

Our products are designed to redefine top-end yield potential by reducing risk, increasing yield and maximising your return on investment.

Our Product Range

Our plant biostimulants provide growers with a range of solutions to address their growing needs.

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